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Idei Lahesna (20th anniversary edition)


Idei Lahesna (20th anniversary edition) cover

  • Record label: Polynya music | REPOLY001
  • Year: 2022
  • Genre: dub techno, ambient

Idei Lahesna was released in 2002 to public and critical acclaim. It was immediately picked up by the late great John Peel for his BBC Radio 1 show, placed among 10 finalists of the Radio France International Electronic Music Award two years in a row, got played on MTV, VIVA, Onyx TV etc. It is to this day considered by many to be one of the best albums of the dub-techno genre.

20th anniversary edition was painstakingly remastered by Jernej Marusic himself from original recordings, to sound as close as possible to what he envisioned and making it available in high-definition 24-bit quality for the first time.

Artificial life forms oscillating through the streets, their shapes reflected in windows and dissolving in the fog. Trying to escape the rigid structure of the city only disturbed by the subliminal funky crackles of erosion. 

“This icy, panoramic re-interpretation of the Chain Reaction sound genuinely takes the style further, where many are content just to replicate it and let the dub filters create their own momentum.”
Alexei Monroe, Junkmedia

“While countless bedroom producers have embraced the school of Basic Channel and tried their hand at a similar style of dub-techno taken to minimal extremes, Marusic succeeds where others fail. He doesn't just emulate the decade-old Basic Channel template; instead, he breathes new life into it, infusing it with his own style and sense of demeanor, much like the wave of artists who characterized the Chain Reaction label in the late '90s.”
Jason Birchmeier, Allmusic


  • Intex 2:57
  • Deflection 6:35
  • Emergon 6:07
  • Intezo 3:26
  • Liagon 11:24
  • Anifon 7:20
  • Hadell 7:03
  • Ervesal 6:51
  • Siros 7:36
  • Nehoiz 7:11
  • Agon 4:56

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