Octex - electronic music

Dead Center Of Nowhere


abstract cover art

  • Record label: Entropy records | EE.004
  • Year: 2012
  • Genre: ambient, dub techno

Having escaped the confines of the city, the artificial life forms now roam free, evolving and mutating as they continue their journey to the dead center of nowhere. Transmitting their every movement as they fade further and further away from the radio pollution, their signals getting weaker and weaker, until they submerge into the stream of static...

Ambient sequel to Idei Lahesna, released 10 years after it was recorded.


  • Fade Out [Radio Polution] 2:42
  • Echo Bay 9:49
  • Valley Of Erosion 10:35
  • Glacial Drift 5:23
  • Blue Ice [Center] 8:20
  • Ablation Moraine 7:09
  • Stream Of Static [Lost Over Lardossa] 22:34

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