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Rob je tam | Matej Bor (Original Soundtrack)

Jernej Marušič - Octex

  • Record label: Polynya music | POLY002
  • Year: 2023
  • Genre: soundtrack, ambient

Original soundtrack for a documentary movie Rob je tam | Matej Bor about renowned Slovenian poet and writer Matej Bor, directed by Amir Muratović for Slovenian National Television.
Jernej Marušič - Octex not only happens to be a grandson of Matej Bor and an artist in his own right but also shares his grandfather's love for nature. That's why he was the obvious and most appropriate choice to write an original score for the movie. For this special occasion, he expanded his distinctive rhythmical atmospheres with an even bigger focus on field-recorded sounds of nature, which he transformed and mangled into unique-sounding instruments. Part of this creation process is even documented in the movie itself, offering an exclusive view into his intimate musical world.
For the climax of the movie, a reenactment of a scene from a haunting theater play about a student suicide club Šola noči, Jernej teamed up with vocalist Monika Horvat to eery effect.
This and three other parts of the soundtrack were extended into full-length compositions that open up this release.


  • Srečanje (extended) 3:59
  • Nadnaravno (extended) 5:20
  • Šola noči (extended) feat. Monika Horvat 3:05
  • Naprej k naravi (extended) 8:49
  • Njene oči (uvod) 1:47
  • Nina 0:51
  • Srečanje 2:01
  • V vetru nocoj bomo spali 0:49
  • Srna 1:19
  • Martin Krpan 0:48
  • Balanser 0:32
  • Avtomobili 0:47
  • Spomini 1:50
  • Radovljica I 1:04
  • Radovljica II 0:50
  • Šel je popotnik skozi atomski vek 1:14
  • Skozi tehnologijo 1:15
  • Preganjani 1:22
  • Nadnaravno 2:46
  • Hipnoza 1:56
  • Šola noči feat. Monika Horvat 2:13
  • Strah me je poti do nje 0:54
  • Naprej k naravi (zaključek) 2:34

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