Octex - electronic music



Blurred Polynya outline

  • Record label: Polynya music | POLY001
  • Year: 2021
  • Genre: dub techno, ambient, experimental

On Mindrifft Octex explores the phenomena that occur when we listen to repetitive music, which makes us hear tonal and rhythmical shifts that are not there. He discovered that introducing this kind of shifts into the music creates a feedback loop between the music and the listener's brain, blurring the boundaries between what is real and what is imagined, causing a special hypnotical effect.

The music was created using vintage analog synthesizers controlled, processed, and augmented by a modern modular system, spiced up by hands-on mixing desk manipulation, and rounded off with some clever digital processing.

The album will be released in 6 parts as a series of releases in the span of 6 months on Octexe's newly started label Polynya music, with the first release scheduled for 11th of October.


  • Drifftly 12:49
  • Bubblin 11:36
  • Nevergget 11:18
  • Droppal 8:47
  • Neeagon available on 11.2.22
  • Lustraain available on 11.3.22

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